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Rental Criteria


Blanco Oaks Apartments is committed to compliance with all federal, state and local fair housing laws.  It is our policy to offer apartments for rental to the general public without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, handicap or any other state or locally protected classifications.  In order to help you in making your decision, we have listed below the criteria for qualifying as a resident in our community.

Blanco Oaks Apartments uses verifiable information provided by an applicant and the National Tenant Network to determine whether an applicant qualifies and what conditions may apply.  These are our current leasing and screening criteria; nothing contained in these requirements shall constitute a guarantee or representation that all residents and occupants currently residing at the community have met these requirements.  There may be residents and occupants that have resided at the community prior to these requirements being in effect.  In addition, our ability to verify whether these requirements have been met is limited to the information we receive from the applicant(s) and various credit/criminal reporting services.

Application & Notification:

  • An application must be completed for each occupant 18 years of age or older or deemed an adult under law.
  • A non-refundable application fee must be paid by each Applicant before an application will be processed.
  • Notifications of acceptance or denial will be made by email to the email address provided on your application. Denials will include information regarding the credit and background check provider.

Income/Employment History:

All applicants must have a combined verifiable income source in a gross amount of no less than three times the resident paid portion of the rent.  If a household has more than two (2) Applicants, we will use only the two (2) highest incomes in calculating the combined household income.  Combined gross income of less than three times the resident paid portion may require an additional deposit, guarantor, or other condition.  Acceptable proof of income is as follows:

  • Three (3) consecutive months of most recent paycheck stubs for each applicant
  • Most recent tax return or W-2
  • Job offers with compensation, start date and contact information written on company letterhead
  • Consecutive or most recent three months of pay stubs and/or bank statements
  • Additional legal sources of verifiable income may be accepted. Examples: Child support or alimony when directed by a court, pensions, trust funds, GI benefits, disability, social security or other legal, verifiable income.

Rental/Mortgage History:

All applicants must have one year of verifiable, satisfactory rental or mortgage payment history.  An eviction or foreclosure could constitute cause for denial and forfeiture of all fees paid.  Less than one year of history may require an additional deposit or other condition.  Non-satisfactory rental history is determined by:

  • Failure to pay rent timely and/or evictions filed within the last five years,
  • Damages in amounts exceeding $1,000,
  • Repeated disturbances not related to circumstances protected under Victims of Abuse Women’s Act,
  • Prior management references describing drug dealing/manufacturing, gambling, or prostitution on the premises.
  • Broken leases, lease violations and/or lack of proper notice to vacate given.

Credit History:

All applicants must have established retail credit in good standing.  Lack of established credit or negative credit may require an additional deposit, guarantor or other condition.  Negative credit includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Past due accounts, Judgments, Liens, Write offs
  • Balance to a rental community or mortgage company (regardless of date)
  • Unresolved bankruptcy (regardless of date)

Criminal History:

A criminal background check will be conducted for each applicant 18 years of age and older. Convictions for the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance will result in an automatic denial of the application.  Applicants will not be denied solely based on arrests or pending criminal actions.  In evaluating an Applicant’s criminal history, the Manager will assess the risk to persons or property posed by an Applicant that may consider:

  • the type & severity of the crime.
  • the facts or circumstances surrounding the crime.
  • the length of time that has passed since the crime.
  • the age of the Applicant at the time of the crime; and evidence of rehabilitation efforts.

Occupancy Guidelines/Standards:

The maximum number of occupants permitted to dwell in an apartment shall not exceed two per bedroom.  When renting to residents we will allow two persons per bedroom plus a newborn who is less than 12 months old.  If you exceed our maximum occupants per bedroom because the newborn is older than 12 months at the end of the lease term, you must at that time qualify for a transfer to a unit with more bedrooms if available or vacate the premises with proper notice.

Renter’s Insurance

It is required that residents obtain renter’s insurance for casualties such as fire, flood, water damage, theft, and general liability.  Renter’s insurance should have a minimum of $100,000 of liability coverage with “Blanco Apartments LLC” identified as an Additional Insured (or other appropriate designation as available).


A Guarantor/Co-Signer will be considered for lack of employment/income or credit. Guarantors must complete an application, pay a non-refundable application fee and must meet all the qualifications listed in this document with the qualifying income increased to five times the monthly market rent.  A Guarantor is required to sign the lease.

Identity Verification:

Valid government-issued Photo ID must be presented by all applicants and guarantors.  See our Privacy Policy, attached.

Non-Us Citizens/Foreign Nationals:

Foreign nationals/non-us citizens may be required to complete a supplemental rental application, provide valid and current USCIS documentation and photo ID (passport, driver’s license, US identification card, or identification card from home country) and present additional documentation evidencing Applicant’s right to live in the United States through the end of the lease term.